What's up everybody, Chris here, Phalanx CEO. Black Friday is upon us and you know what that means... BIG SALES. But before we jump into that I want to apologize for some things and drop some intel on you:

Very Important Announcement

QUALITY ISSUES - I am so bummed that our USA factory has dropped the ball so hard. I take full reasonability for that decision. In the midst of Covid I wanted to do something bold and participate in helping our country heal. I thought by moving our production to the USA and helping build jobs, we would do great things. But what happened is I chose a factory that perpetually sent your products out embarrassingly late. And worst of all, the quality sucked. I spent 9 years since the day I was sewing these things myself making a solid brand with outstanding quality... NEVER sacrificing quality. I put an end to that so now we're back to the super high quality you have always experienced with Phalanx. Lemme repeat that one... all the quality issues you have had during 2021 are GONE. So when you shop with Phalanx now and forever, our quality shall be on point.

SHIPPING ISSUES - Yet another unexpected occurrence was how long it took for the former USA factory to make your gear and get it to you. I am so eternally grateful for the customers who stuck with us during this attempt to do the right thing but I am also deeply apologetic for how some of you got jerked around. But again, we have recovered! Every product on our site is ready to ship right now. And we have some really high level designs and brand new products coming. So when you order, the next business day it will be on the move.

We are back to the level of strength in quality and craftsmanship as well as rapid shipping times. It was a rough year attempting to exclusively go USA made and we learned a lot of wonderful and hard lessons.

For those of you amazing Phalanx fans who have stuck with us, THANK YOU!

Chris Martinez
Phalanx CEO