HUGE new plus FAT December Deals

HUGE new plus FAT December Deals

What's up everybody, Chris here. Ready for some huge news? Like... massive, the biggest thing we've done in the history of Phalanx. How about some fat discounts to round out the year as well?

I know you've been bombarded all month long with sales everywhere you look... and it's true we have a big one coming, but I think it's important to share more on why we're doing this. It's not just because of Black Friday, we try to be purposeful in all that we do. Plus, I'm a huge fan of building this company on transparency so I want to share what's been going on.

First I'll get to the deals and then I'll tell you the massive news.

Starting this Friday and every single day until the end of the year, the entire website is on sale. Everything will have discounts applied, no coupon codes necessary. I'm talking deep sales, like 75% off. Of course we will run out of inventory rapidly so if there is something you've wanted, you gotta get in early. So know that. It starts this Friday (December 4th). The site-wide discounts will end 12/31. PLEASE READ THIS: All sales are final during these massive discount deals. So we won't be accepting any returns or exchanges. But there
is a reason for this. Which leads me to the huge news...

I am so freaking proud to announce we are officially moving our manufacturing to the USA! That's right...MADE IN AMERICA. Honestly, this is the reason we're cutting so deep on our sales this year and why they can't be returned. It's because we need to blow out our inventory as much as we can to transition to our new operations here. So please know where your money is going. Every product you buy this month goes towards creating jobs in the USA. It goes straight back to the community.

I can't express how excited I am for this and what it means in so many different ways. I get to make sure the workers at the ground level are happy and treated well, with respect and care. I get to physically touch the production again (just as I did when I sewed them myself) and make sure you're getting the best gear around. I have sourced my own fabrics, tested new technologies in stitching... inks, rich colored inks! Not to mention the variety products I plan on dropping for women and kids. Apparel! I have really dropped the ball in offering apparel through the years. Not enough tees, hoodies, hats, etc. I'm working on that too... and at this point I'm WAY off topic so I'll stop for now. I really just want you to know your hard earned dollars you spent this month are going towards a better way to serve you and to serve the hard working people who make it possible.

Thank you so much for your support through the years but especially this dreadful one we've endured. Everything we have, and all that we do, we owe to you.

Much love and respect,

Chris Martinez