New USA Factory with laser-sharp engineering

What's up Jiu Jitsu brothers and sisters, Chris here. Check out this pic. This precision engineering rectifies the variance in fit so you can be sure once you find a Phalanx product you like it will stay consistent. You combine this massive upgrade in precise cutting with the high tech performance fabrics we're using now, coupled with hand-sewn USA workers (who are killing it by the way)... then you got yourself the best Jiu Jitsu products in the game.

We've officially started dropping new gear, starting with our top rated RIZR ultralight shorts. We opened with a soft launch a week or so back but by this Friday (2/5) we'll be dropping the rashies too! You want long sleeve or short sleeve? We got that. Ladies you want rashies too? We got that. Kid's? Done! Once I get these off the ground then I put the finishing touches on the next gen mens and women's cut spats and vale tudo shorts!

Our goal is to have more products for women and kids than any other BJJ brand combined. We already sponsor more charities than any other BJJ brand combined, we do more for military and law enforcement (plus fire and EMS) than any other BJJ brand combined. We give away more product to the fans than any other BJJ brand combined. We so why not break more records?

I hope y'all are getting back on the mat and improving. I have a long way to go before I'm back to where I was but I'm in love with the journey so it's all good.

Much love and respect,
Chris Martinez