Patience on the mat & off the mat. Thank you!

What's up everybody, Chris here. You know how we need to be patient while rolling? Not explode unnecessarily burning energy and position just to move a little. Yeah... disciplining yourself with being patient on the mat is something I'm seeing off the mat right now with y'all!

I want to thank you for being chill with us on working out these kinks in production. I know the wait time is longer than you're used to but I promise we're getting better every day and I guarantee that time will keep getting shorter and shorter.

We were able to get our manufacturing off the ground and we've just added another full time employee to the production team so your orders will move even faster!

If you didn't know we're 100% Made in USA now (boy that was a brutal transition) and although our technique isn't crisp yet, the patience you practice with us gives me and my team more reps to tighten up our game.

Chris Martinez

Phalanx factory