Hello Jiu Jitsu brothers and sisters! We are in the thick of building up our own manufacturing here in the USA and now that I have a clear picture of what's to come, it's time for the meatiest of all updates. If you read only one post this month, I sure hope it's this one.

As I've said many times before, I believe in transparency and giving back to the community. Especially in Jiu Jitsu, we are such a tight knit group. I think all BJJ brands owe it to the people to give back (and most don't). Anyway, I want to give you some transparency on two changes you'll notice once we're live in the USA. But if you missed it, make sure you check out the post I did on the quality and craftsmanship improvements in the gear that's to come.

Real Talk:

There are two changes to the "Phalanx Experience" you'll notice that I want you to be aware of upfront.

(1) Because we're manufacturing here in the USA and the quality of working conditions and pay is important to us, we will be raising the prices on our products. I wish I could keep China level pricing but then you'd have China level conditions and quality. I want to be straight up with you about that but I want you to know I NEVER raise prices without strong justification and thoughtful consideration. And I think providing an exceptionally higher quality product that is made by truly happy and fulfilled employees who love their job, is a great justification for a necessary increase. Oh and don't forget this… we're always pumping money back to y'all. Be it free gear (every month we run giveaways)... be it the full brand new mat space we provided to a gym in need… be it donating cold hard cash to BJJ players and their families...be it charities and numerous inner city youth programs we’ve supported. I just really want you to know how hard I try to keep the culture growing by doing right with the money you spend.

(2) The second thing is the turnaround time. Once again, in China they have massive production lines with people slaving away for unimaginable amounts of time so they can crank out orders with no regard for the humans doing the labor. Here… in America, the employees get to go home not being exhausted. They get breaks and time off, vacations - they get treated with respect and care. So the time from when you place your order to receiving your product will be a longer wait. Trust me, we live in a world with Amazon Prime...sometimes with same day delivery! I can't compete with the big corporations on speed. But if you can understand why it's taking a little longer than before, my hope is the small amount of patience and the incredible level of "karmic value" will be well worth it.

So that's it. I have a massive list of reasons how we're becoming a better, stronger, more respectable brand with higher quality and a greater capacity to give back to you...with only two consequences of the change.

Me and my team are eternally grateful for you. After all, it's you who puts food on our table. It's you who keeps our lights on and allows us to live a fulfilling life of our own. We owe you everything.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update, if you have any specific questions by all means hit me up on the IG. Looking forward to serving you on a higher level. Here's to a successful 2021!

Much love and respect,
Chris / Founder