What's up everybody, Chris here. I want to give you a download on our new USA factory. The team is working hard setting up operations and the infrastructure. In a separate update I'll go into more of what to expect from the "Phalanx experience" of shopping with us and how that's changing a little (for the better). But in this post I want to show you the gear!

Operation: Made in USA

So I have fully completed samples in many products that I'm proud of. We've locked in a bunch of tees and hoodies (had to make sure those were on point). So expect a TON more options. For No Gi products I have in my hands some amazing rash guard tech. This material will be part of the men's, women's, and kids products. There are so many reasons why it's great but one feature I like is how the inside of the material is black. See below for yourself. It gives it a clean look.

You'll also notice the construction is outstanding. I'm such a stickler for cutting corners, I hate it in all areas of life. You can see in the pic the stitching is well crafted. They even folded the rash guard well and handled it with care. I know these are just samples but it's the same treatment I expect them to give you.

The shorts material is amazing too. It took me a long time to find the previous fabric of our ultralight shorts and this was no different. During 2020 I was on the hunt and I know I've locked in a fabric that performs and feels even better. Plus this fabric holds ink better and the stitching points keep a tighter bind, they have better flex and are more breathable (WHAT!?).

So what kind of products will we drop?

As I mentioned, for sure we're dropping a larger variety in tees and hoodies. Many more options for long and short sleeve rash guards as well as much more for women and kids. Honestly, by the time this year is well under way, we will have more products for women than any other Jiu Jitsu brand combined. Also...by the time this year is well under way, we will have more products for kids than any other Jiu Jitsu brand combined. We have accessories on deck as well, ranging anywhere from a stealthy face mask to a gym towel. Joggers, tank tops, dri-fit shirts. We're workin' hard over here!

We don't have an official launch date yet but as we get closer I'll report back with more details. We wanted to drop this month but we'll have to push it to February. For now I'll leave you with a few pics of some designs I've plucked out. Hope you're all doing well and are focusing on the positive things to come.

Chris Founder/CEO

If one of these really jumps out at ya, shoot me a DM, I'd love to know what you're digging? @theentropykid