Yearly message from our Founder

Yearly message from our Founder

Hello Jiu Jitsu brothers and sisters, Chris here. It's time for my annual year in review. It's where I'm asked to share some highs and lows and some insights on what's to come.


Without a doubt the highest high we've had this year was giving back big time. We were able to make significant donations to George Floyd and to a few LEO families. We donated to the rebuilding of 10th Planet Long Beach, which was burnt to the ground. But the most incredible thing we were able to do as a company this year was the $10,000 cash donation we made to an unsuspecting stranger. A widow with an autistic child. This all happened because of you though… together we impacted some serious lives.

The next exciting high of the year is our transition to Made in USA. Let me tell you, this was not easy. My team, specifically Tina and Sara have worked so hard to make this happen. It's well worth it though because I just got my hands on the final samples of our fight shorts and rash guards and they are SO NICE. I'm not just saying that either, you're going to notice. So much detail was lost in many of our best designs due to printing quality but my new operation here is on point! And the fabric…I went through many swatches and tests to get the best quality athletic fabrics I could find. Honestly, in a way it felt like the old days when I was sewing the Phalanx gi pants and picking out fabrics myself. So: an improvement in construction, fabric, and color all around. Not to mention your support is literally building jobs in a time where many have lost theirs. I cannot wait to launch next year!


You know I really don't have any lows to speak of. It was a tough year for everyone. The way I do it is I take my lumps and I step forward.

Next year

The way I see 2021 playing out: We use 2020 as the launching pad to push harder, to rise back up and stand tall. We open the throttle on a larger variety of products for you. Drop way more stuff for men, women, and kids. Level up big time with lifestyle products. Find creative ways to give back to the #phalanxfamily and do it every month… and of course, make a huge charitable impact. Next year I'm going to donate directly to a Jiu Jitsu school. This year we gave $10k, let's see how we can impact one of our own next year shall we.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about our ongoing journey. Whatever mat you happen to train on, I hope someday we get a roll in.

Chris Martinez