jiu jitsu and bjj tees, perfect t-shirts for brazilian jiu jitsu and mma, soft jiujitsu t-shirt for men and women


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This essential tee is the tee of all tees!

We redesigned our own pattern for an athletic fit and cut no corners with premium sourced cotton, contrast color stitching on the inside and out in navy color on the shoulders, and a long-lasting print.

Why choose us?


We are BJJ players too and care about the culture so much. You'd be surprised how many BJJ brands don't do Jiu Jitsu.

We give away more product to the fans than any other Jiu Jitsu brand combined! We sponsor more charities than any other Jiu Jitsu brand combined!

We believe in giving back at an extreme level and we do it every single day.


You are the most important part of the BJJ culture, without students of the game there is no game. We will never forget how important you are and will treat you with the utmost respect and kindness. Always.

Our products are tested on the mat long before it drops. Black belts beat down our gear. We drop leading edge designs, and we source our own materials to be the best. If you want the best in No Gi, this is it.