Athlete Code of Conduct

We see people in the Jiu Jitsu world jump from brand to brand. The reason is they have no relationship. The company and the athlete were treating each other as transactions; fast money. That makes no sense to us. Our hope is for you to be passionate, excited, and proud of the brand you represent. We want to grow with you and we want you to want to grow with Phalanx. We have some requests that we consider necessary in order to help Phalanx grow. Please see below and do ask questions if anything is unclear. 

1) Social Media — Obviously this is the most important aspect of how you help us. We are a brand that is 100% online, and since we live online, we grow online. We're stating the obvious here, but we need you to realize just how incredibly important social media content is to helping us build the brand. 

"Lifestyle" pictures on and off the mat, being posted to your social media accounts gives us the content we need to promote whatever product you are wearing, and it gives us the content to blow up your presence online all over the world. It's important that you wear the product. Selfies are great, action shots on the mat are even better, group photos, all that stuff. The better quality the photo, the further we can extend it's virality.

Please post as frequently as possible, using correct hashtags such as
#phalanxarmy (that's all our fans/customers/soldiers)
#phalanxfamily (the exclusive members - you),
#phalanxathletics, etc. 

Advertisements  we post sales, holiday events, etc. It's very powerful to us if you can post a picture of you wearing the product(s) we are selling during these big events. Not asking you to keep tabs on exactly what we are doing and releasing, but when you retweet/repost a sale event or something, it helps a ton if you could also say a few words as to what product you love, or rock that product we're selling and tell the world to get on that. 

The only reason we're saying this one is because it's really become common and it's actually pretty bad for our company... and that's when people take pictures of their product on the bed, in the bags, draped over the couch, etc. We totally get it, people are stoked when it arrives and want to show their fans and us their enthusiasm. It's just that from a business perspective it actually hurts us. We can't use those pics as content so you don't get the exposure we can spread, and we can't use those pics to promote our products. So if you can just be conscientious of the "quality" of the photos you take, it will only help us blow you up faster, blow us up faster, and do even greater things together faster.

2) Competitions — You are an elite group of athletes that are constantly standing on top of the podium. Please wear your Phalanx rash guard and shorts to all competitions and podium pictures. Please contact us before major events so we can get you the latest and greatest gear or to let you know which products would be ideal for what we have going on.

3) Passion — Have fun, don't make this a job or work - we love our athletes individuality, for you to express yourself as you are are. Fun is essential; we want you to stamp Phalanx with your personality. 

4) Ethics and Morals — We carefully select the people that join our family, so this is not a concern more than just stating our expectations around conduct. It's super important we all represent ourselves with the highest ethics and morals. If you wouldn't share with your mother, than please don't share with the social media universe.
5) Exclusively  Please wear Phalanx anytime you train on the mat. It all ties into one another, the passion, the social media, exposure. I will always make sure you have enough gear, you and your brother, so please reach out if you ever need more. We want the audience to associate you with Phalanx and visa versa when the audience sees Phalanx. The bigger we get, the more successful we all become together, the more we are able to spread the spoils. Please no other Fight brands.