Our Mission


Our mission is to encourage you to do Jiu Jitsu and provide you with the products to keep you going. The health benefits of the mind, body, and soul, are so profound and rewarding, we want to contribute to getting as many people on the mat as possible so Jiu Jitsu can change their life, just as it has changed ours.


Our purpose is to be your trusted source of Jiu Jitsu gear and make the act of buying and wearing our products the best experience possible. To support individuals of all belt levels and give back to the Jiu Jitsu community. To continually evolve our product line:

Customer Service -- We only provide exceptional customer service, are as helpful as possible, listen to your needs, are always considerate and respectful, and go the extra mile. Our #1 core belief is the win-win philosophy. You are viewed as fellow Jiu Jitsu brother or sister, not a transaction.

Sponsorship & Scholarship -- We regularly and randomly send out free gear to our customers (the Phalanx Army) as well as fully sponsor individuals at every belt level. We support those just starting the journey as well as elevate the elite. Every year we award someone with $500 cash and a full suite of products!

Innovative Products -- We innovate our products as Jiu Jitsu evolves. We always focus on improving everything from the construction of the product (fabric and patterns down to the stitching) to the functionality of the product (range of motion, weight, durability) as well as the style of the products (no-nonsense designs for the sports-driven powerful athlete to edgy designs for those who embrace the art in martial artist. Whichever Jiu Jitsu game you play, we are here to help.