Phalanx Oath

There are three things Phalanx stands behind that we'll never waiver from:

1) Exceptional Customer Service - You'll never have to worry about a thing, we stand behind the phrase "we'll always make it right". If you have questions or just want to talk Jiu Jitsu hit us up at

2) Exceptional Quality - We put a lot of effort into R&D of fabrics and patterns. We put a beat down on all our gear and have our top athletes roll in them long before we sell it to you... our products are truly tested on the mat and deemed "Phalanx Worthy" before presenting it to you.

3) Reasonable Prices - Jiu Jitsu is an expensive sport/art with pretty high gym memberships! In order to keep you on the mat more we keep our prices reasonable despite the Italian sourced fabrics, high quality stitching, custom designed patterns from Los Angeles, and rich inks.