Lots of combat entertainment this weekend

Lots of combat entertainment this weekend

What's up everybody, Chris here. If you're looking for some Jiu Jitsu entertainment this weekend I'll sort you out...Obviously you know what's going down on Saturday with the UFC so I'll focus on hardcore Jiu Jitsu.

Professional Grappling Federation - Friday
This is a unique one. They've already completed their combine and are crunching tons of statistics. Check out the graphic below on how detailed this is. They're doing a full on season. I'm excited to see were they take this. Tune in on Friday on their official YouTube channel (just search Professional Grappling Federation).

Polaris Pro UK Grand Prix - Saturday
Across the pond they're doing an 8-man Grand Prix championship. Polaris has always come with great production value and often put together outstanding matches.

Look for our boy Tom Breese, UFC fighter and intense grappler. That's who we're pullin' for! He is a workhorse and absolutely fearless. You gotta respect the UFC fighters who test their mettle on the mat as well as the Octagon.


Submission Underground 16 - Sunday
This is gonna be an exciting one. First up we have our longest standing No GI athlete, Richie Martinez. No matter what you can be guaranteed entertainment by Richie. He has been a showman since the days of his bboying and loves to win the crowd. I also know his mind is sharp as a blade for this and his training is on point. You'll see a savage Boogeyman going for the kill!

Then we have something really fun. Someone had tagged me in a post that showed two guys wearing Phalanx and it said "Phalanx battle". Someone replied to that and said "winner gets a sponsorship?" I decided to make it interesting. If both dudes wear Phalanx kits and there is a submission in regulation I'll give the winner $200. Then someone matched me. Shout out to Damian Radulescu for matching me. So the winner here will get $400 cash in the hand. Not bad for one match. I don't know Colvin but I do know Andy and that guy lives at 10,000 RPMs so this is gonna be FIRE.

Finishers 12 - Sunday
Also on Sunday we have Finishers 12 which has been around for a minute and they're production value is getting higher and higher. These guys remind me of the hardcore skate culture of the late 80s. It's all about passion and the arts.

For this one we're sponsoring the $500 8-man EBI rules shootout. The main event features Renzo Gracie black belt Frank Rosenthal taking on 10th Planet Black Belt Andrew Alexander. It's going to air on their Finishers TV YouTube channel.

As the great analyst Robin Black says, "enjoy the hostilities my friends"!

Chris Martinez

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