Phalanx Winner’s Circle

Phalanx Winner's Circle
Phalanx Winner's Circle

Compete. Medal. Get Paid!

The Phalanx Winner's Circle is your chance to get up to $200 per year in Phalanx gift cards.


1. Purchase a qualifying offer Gi or No Gi products. Purchases will be verified and must match the name found in tournament results.

2. Compete in an eligible tournament in eligible gear and finish in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.

3. Follow @phalanx_usa on Instagram

4. Make an Instagram post of yourself on the podium in your eligible Phalanx Gi (feed post not Story) with @phalanx_usa tagged and #PhalanxArmy, #PhalanxWinnersCircle hashtags so we can see it!

5. Email with a link to your post and the tournament so you can get paid! Limit of $200 in rewards per person per year. Must be 18 years or older.



1st [Gold]: $100 Phalanx Gift Card
• 2nd [Silver]: $75 Phalanx Gift Card
3rd [Bronze]: $50 Phalanx Gift Card

Eligible Tournaments:

American Grappling Federation
Grappling Industries
• Tap Cancer Out
• USA Grappling
• Grappling Games

Phalanx Winner's Circle Phalanx Winner's Circle Phalanx Winner's Circle