Phalanx has been giving back since day one. During the best times and the hardest times, we never stop giving because we believe it’s not enough to just have a company in Jiu Jitsu. You need to take care of those who made you.

This is a small account of what we have accomplished (and will continue to do so). Since the very beginning we’ve been giving away free gear. I honestly didn't keep great records back then and I never gave back to show off so I don't have much in the way of content to “prove it” - I just did it because it was the right thing to do.

  • Phalanx has donated thousands of products to the fans. A few years back I asked my team how many products did we give away last year? My trusted team member Tina replied: 541. That's 541 products put back on the mat to those who love the art but can’t quite afford fresh gear.

  • Phalanx has donated to numerous inner city youth programs.

  • Since day 1 Phalanx has been supporting those who serve. US Military, police, fire, EMS, nurses, Coast Guard -you name it. We have supported the US Air Force Special Warfare, the US Navy SEAL (two teams), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (think police SWAT + FBI). We have supported numerous police and sheriff's departments as well as fire departments all over the country.

  • We are bigger than just a brand. This is what we do.

  • I remember one guy I found out about. He was living in his car but was still getting on the mat. Talk about dedication! Someone broke in and stole everything, including his gear. I heard about this story, found him, and donated a full weeks worth of gear to reboot his arsenal.

  • There was a gym in need years back. I visited that gym and the mats were pretty messed up. Phalanx donated brand new mat space to them.
  • Again, it's not about just dropping cool stuff. You must give back to the community that made you.

  • In 2020 when times were the worst when our sales were damn near zero, we gave back harder than any other year. Because I believe when times are tough, you have to give more!

  • We donated significant cash to the George Floyd family.

  • We donated significant cash to several campaigns for fallen police officers during the riots of 2020.

  • 10th Planet Long beach, a gym I have never been to nor do I know any of them. Their gym was burned to the ground in the riots and we donated significant cash to them as well.

  • During our Autism Awareness campaign, a fellow grappler knew a lady with an autistic child. Not only that but she had just lost her husband. A fresh widow with an autistic child. I knew we had to help. And we did! I'm proud of that moment. While sales were dismal in 2020, we donated $10,000 cash to her... and when I say "we" I mean all of us. You, me, us. In fact, the letter I wrote her specifically did not have any mention of me as a person or Phalanx. The letter simply said: Dear XXX, On behalf of the Jiu Jitsu practitioners of the world, please know that strangers care. ~Sincerely, All of us. I wasn't there personally but I was told everyone was crying and she was so grateful for the support. That's because of you, the person reading this. We accomplish big things together so long as the businesses you support are guided by a charitable heart.

  • In 2023 we ran another Autism Awareness drop and were able to pay out $4,300 to a #phalanxarmy fan. A husband and wife, cop and nurse duo, with an autistic child.

  • In 2023 we ran our annual United We Roll giving back to the mat campaign. Here is where we drop a limited edition collection and pump all the profits back to the BJJ academies. 50% goes to a survey winner and 50% goes to our Phalanx Customs family. This year we donated $800 back on the mats!


Thank you for taking the time to read this. We'll be adding to it perpetually because we'll never stop giving. But most of all, thank you so much for choosing us to be your trusted source of Jiu Jitsu gear.

Chris Martinez