Richie Martinez Dominates Don Stoner at Submission Underground 23

Richie Martinez Dominates Don Stoner at Submission Underground 23

The fearsome Boogeyman didn't come out to play - he came to dominate, dressing Don Stoner up in a neat Japanese necktie at the Submission Underground 23.

Richie "The Boogeyman" Martinez proved that his name isn't just for show when he demonstrated his ferocity inside the cage. The Martinez versus Stoner match was the main card feature on May 23rd’s Submission Underground 23. Never one to fail the crowd, Martinez sure made an unforgettable show as he completely controlled Lone Wolf Jiu Jitsu's Don Stoner. With the UFC Fight Pass live streaming the event, thousands of No Gi Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts everywhere witnessed the spectacular feat.

When Don Stoner was calling people out left and right, he wasn't expecting someone like Martinez to heed the call. He sure got himself in a pickle. Here's what went down:

The Boogeyman wasn't playing around when he entered the cage. He came up against his opponent with overwhelming aggression that kept Stoner right where Martinez wanted him to be. He took Stoner down with a breathtaking slam and stuck himself right at his back like a bad dream as he waited for his opening. Soon enough, Stoner unwittingly found himself on the receiving end of a Japanese necktie, a submission Martinez has been honing for years.

Richie Martinez enraptured the crowd with his magnificent display of No Gi Jiu Jitsu mastery for the entire duration of the short-lived match. Perhaps the power boost comes from becoming a brand new father. Perhaps he's had that intensity all along. Whichever it may be, he certainly proved that anyone who dares to face him on the mats or in the cage is in for a tough time.

Regardless of his achievements, Richie Martinez remains humble and grateful. He expressed his gratitude to his family and friends, his team, the producers of the event, his sponsors, and even his opponent in a sweet Instagram post. If you didn’t see the match, you're missing out on some epic stuff. Thankfully, you can view the highlights of the Martinez versus Stoner match here.

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