What's up everybody, we have some exciting news. This month or possibly a little into August, we'll be dropping some brand new rash guard and shorts cuts. The long awaited BATL shorts are coming soon but first take a quick look at these. This is our new short-sleeve 8 panel men's rash guard. You'll notice the side panels have a cross stitch (to help with evening out the compression) and also each of these comes with a security liner on the inside (LOK tech) to help prevent the shirt from riding up. We're dropping them on some fresh designs you can check out below... but wait there is another HUGE part of this...

Recently, we ran a poll to the #phalanxfamily. If you're new to the fam that's our hashtag to recognize all of our amazing supporters. Anyway, in that poll we asked what you wanted most from us. The number one answer was "lower your prices". Your voice matters and we listen. So not only are these 8 panels a huge upgrade, but we can actually drop the retail price thanks to some creative negotiating we did with the factory. But again, there is MORE...

The second highest ranking thing you wanted from us was "get it to me faster". And we shall deliver! By the time these new upcoming drops come out, they'll be locked and loaded in our warehouse and ready to fire off to you. Our shipping partners have said if you order before noon pacific time, they'll ship out within the next two business days at the latest! So soon enough we'll be getting gear in your hands as fast as we used to. Big disclaimer though - this doesn't include the apparel or current gear on the site or the Jiu Jitsu Academy Program. Haven't heard of "The Program"? This is our founder Chris' pride and joy. Follow the link to learn more.

Okay that's it for now. Lots of new stuff coming. Oh and also we have the new HPTX shorts and DSTR shorts dropping soon and one of our athletes PJ Barch is sending positive reviews of the new super soft and comfy post-training lounge shorts currently in R&D.

 ~The Phalanx Team


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